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Ace Tooling Pty Ltd is located at 39 Rodeo Drive, Dandenong South, Victoria.

Our aim is to serve Australian manufacturers with quality Tooling, from Design to Manufacture and beyond.

As the latest military hardware, ranks of soldiers marching in perfect step, pomp, glory and Barack Obama mark India’s 66th republic day, praise is likely to be heaped on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for projecting India as an emerging superpower.

Much has improved after 68 years of independence, but millions of Indians live in a precarious situation.

The Director of the company has over 25 years of experience in the Tool making industry while working with different companies in Melbourne.

He has been involved with the design and manufacture of Precision Injection Moulds, Plastic Extrusion Dies, Rubber Moulds, Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures and Special Purpose Machines for Automotive, Building, Packaging and Consumer products industries.

We are capable of 3D modelling and can read data from most common formats such as Iges, Step, Parasolids, etc.

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Joy is contagious, unfortunately so are anxiety and insecurity.

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