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For self-esteem, turn off your TV, breathe deep, and open your spirit to the basic goodness of the world.

Couch Surfing members are willing to give travelers a place to sleep for a night or two.

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retro jordan shoes That good news for Floridians, who now have more options for getting to Rhode Island with Jet Blue Airways new nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando to Providence starting Nov.

Go to the country, where people are more relaxed, food is plentiful, and there’s ample room for one traveler to lay out her sleeping bag under the stars.

If you need an income in order to pay off loans or support a child, find a job that calls for extensive travel.

Cities are built on money, and necessities like fresh air, clean water, and a safe place to sleep are difficult to come by in cities.

If you have a skill, such as cooking, animal husbandry, massage, musical ability, or basic carpentry, you can barter for free food and accommodation as you travel the world.

Universally appreciated skills like cooking are best, though niche skills that are in high demand, like website design, are also useful.

WWOOF connects travelers with organic farmers who want to trade room and board for an extra hand.

Many members of both Couch Surfing and WWOOF are seeking an alternative to high-impact consumer culture.

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