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Being Human was a highlight in the tenure of BBC3 drama, with the tale of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost (Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow in its original incarnation) sharing a house and trying to pass as normal winning fans across the globe before its sad conclusion in 2013. “We could do it in hell,” Tovey continued, “because everyone’s gone to purgatory or hell or heaven.And so we thought the matter rested – but now the original cast of the hit supernatural series have revealed that they’d be open to a return (despite all leaving before the show ended), and even have a few ideas about how it could all play out. “It could basically just be a replica in the afterworld, and we just carry on to the next level.” Clearly, a pitch for the ages – but the trio also revealed that they hadn’t always been so enthusiastic for the series, with the supernatural themes a turn-off when they first heard about it.We haven't been around lately because, as usual, we are dealing with some major life issues that have to come first before posting - Most of you know our situation and we know you understand This is a very interesting article - but have to admit, the way the writer starts this article is quite offensive "LINE up ladies!Aidan Turner has revealed he wants to date a nobody." So, since when does it mean that if you're not FAMOUS, you are a "NOBODY"?

In an interview for the magazine’s September issue Tomlinson, 24, said: “He’s beautiful to look at, so it’s hard not to fancy him, but fortunately we don’t feel like that about each other. We’ve both got a temper, we’re both strong people; there are definitely similarities between us and our characters.” Turner — who also caused a stir when he appeared in only a towel in Agatha Christie adaptation And Then There Were None — had no idea the shirtless scene in Poldark would prove so popular.This is a contest where Aidan could win an actual award." Victoria, starring Jenna Coleman, is a lavish eight-part drama charting Queen Victoria's life and loves.ITV is yet to confirm a broadcast date for the show, but it could be pitted against BBC's Poledark.Source: Heida Reed's Instagram They can get back together now, it's 2016, it's time.Her role as Aidan Turner’s wife in Poldark must make her one of the most envied actresses in the country.

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