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In 1981 the first official nonvoting delegate from American Samoa to the U. Apart from Swains Island, the islands are divided into several administrative districts (each with an appointed district governor), which are subdivided into counties. The High Court has appellate, trial, and land and titles divisions.The influence of the extended families (The highest legal authority is the High Court, which is headed by a chief justice and associate justices, all appointed by the U. Each village has a village court with authority to adjudicate matters pertaining to village rules and local customs.A major public works program on American Samoa from the 1970s to the ’90s increased the number of miles of paved roads, mostly on the island of Tutuila. An international airport is located on Tutuila, and smaller airstrips operate on other islands. Moreover, the United States has not provided an organic (charter) act setting forth a system of government. In 1976 American Samoans approved a referendum that provided for the popular election of the governor and lieutenant governor for four-year terms; prior to that time, the governor was appointed by the U. The members of American Samoa’s House of Representatives (lower house) are elected by universal suffrage to two-year terms; one member is a nonvoting delegate elected from Swains Island.

Tutuila’s highest point is Matafao Peak (2,142 feet [653 metres]).

Additionally, since the mid-20th century many American Samoans have migrated to the United States, with the result that there are more American Samoans abroad than on the islands.

The rate of population growth has increased rapidly since the late 20th century, however, mainly because of high birth rates and low death rates.

Most American Samoans nonetheless also speak English.

Some two-fifths of the population belongs to one of several Protestant denominations, among which the Congregational Christian Church has the largest following, and slightly less than one-fifth is Mormon.

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