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This over- and under-sensitivity can make it very difficult for a child with autism to focus on any task, including learning to read.The following ideas can help a child regulate his or her sensory system and focus on reading: Standard reading textbooks and curriculum may be great for typical learners, but children on the autism spectrum may not learn in the typical way.For instance, according to a study by the Penn State College of Medicine, the majority of children on the autism spectrum have strong visual perception skills. For some kids with autism, visual learning is a significant challenge.These kids may have a strength in kinesthetic or auditory learning.These special interests are also an excellent opportunity to capture a child's attention.

Special areas of intense interest, such as trains, timetables, math facts, or trading cards, can be a great source of joy for individuals on the autism spectrum.These companies specialize in learning materials for children with autism: Many parents and special education teachers find that computer programs can also be effective in teaching reading to children with autism.A study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders also reported that children with autism also seemed to get more enjoyment out of computer-based instruction in reading.The most successful reading programs and educators work to capitalize on a child's individual strengths and overcome that child's personal challenges.Focus on the child's learning strengths, and try several methods for teaching reading to find the one that's right for your student.

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