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Feminism has a long, complicated relationship to sex, one that has cycled from embrace to critique and back again.

By the time a generation of women woke feminism from its backlash slumber around the millennium, the sex wars of the 1980s were long over.

One of the men told her that because she was bisexual, he assumed she was “particularly down to fuck.” He said she could make out with his girlfriend if she would hook up with another of the men. We tend to talk about consent “as an individual process,” she wrote, “not asking ‘What kinds of power are operating in this situation? ’ ” Feminists, she continued, “sometimes talk about ‘yes’ and ‘no’ like they’re uncomplicated … But contemporary feminism’s shortcomings may lie in not its over­radicalization but rather its under­radicalization.

So-called sex-positive feminists — Ellen Willis, Joan Nestle, Susie Bright — set themselves against what they saw as this puritanical slant.

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So it was only natural that when feminism was resurrected by young women creating a new movement, it was self-consciously sex friendly, insouciant in its approach to the signs and symbols of objectification.

No one would ever mistake these feminists for humorless harridans or frigid dick-rejectors.

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