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We are introduced to his best buds, (Zheng Ye Cheng).

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In the tv version – our female lead becomes a mellower princess protected by at least three men in her life, but in the book, she’s strong, scheming, cunning, and eventually rises to the position of an Empress.

Xiao Nai really doesn’t fool around when it comes to work and dating.

He is actually really sly here, courting Wei Wei in-game and then delivering the final kill in real life. Just One Smile is Very Alluring Episode 2 RECAP: Stunned, Wei Wei asks if his account is hacked.

They all decide to fight a monster together to get closer to each other. When Hao Mei praises her skills, Nai He accepts the praise on her behalf, which makes the guys roll their eyes.

Nai He tells them their wedding is in two days, even though it seems like he has plans. Xiao Ling’s boyfriend, also on the basketball team, saved them seats.

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