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Gallery When an adult male gets too big for his britches, Miss Lina cuts him down to size with a little trip down memory lane – and over her lap. Dressed like a retro-housewife from the 1950s, Lina gives her ward a good smacking with the flat of her sandal, before moving on to more painful implements.Gallery Miss PJ of Strict Women demonstrates why the humble wooden spoon is such a fearsome and effective tool for enforcing domestic discipline.

Gallery Blonde amazon Gigi Allens wants to show her property to potential buyers, but her unreliable tenant hasn’t cleaned the place up, despite her explicit orders.

As the rattan cuts through the air and snaps across his naked cheeks, all the poor supplicant can do is grip the bench legs and wail in despair.

Video “I have a deep understanding of my feminine power and I am not afraid to use it,” Betty says on her bio at Women Spanking Men.

“I look forward to administering real life punishment to naughty boys who have earned it.” We don’t know what this poor fellow did, but Miss Lina is going to extraordinary lengths to make his bottom pay for it.

With a heavy hairbrush in each hand, she beats his butt like it’s the drum on a Roman slave galley — and the captain has just called for ramming speed!

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