Dating upperclassmen

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All students should also bring running shoes and clothing for physical training.

While honor is sacred to cadets it must be remembered there may be people in the barracks during the summer who do not hold honor and integrity in the same esteem.

For the past few summers we have had a problem with thefts.

We recommend a combination lock to secure barracks rooms and the use of bankcards or checks instead of cash.

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Students may keep a motor vehicle on Post once registration fees are paid at the Student Accounting Office and the vehicle registered with the VMI Post Police.

Even within the context of college (which, again, is weird), this is still weird. Full Moon on the Quad has been a formal, university-approved tradition since 1988, though its roots date back to the nineteenth century.

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There are many opportunities for students to pursue recreational activities at VMI and the surrounding areas.

At VMI there are racquetball courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a weight room, indoor and outdoor running tracks, outdoor fields, and jogging trails.

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