Difference between casual dating and relationship who is dating jensen ackles

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If you pass that person he could be the man of your dreams.....

Take a chance see what he is looking for and see if you click.....

No attraction: "I'm not really looking for anything serious right now."Lots-o-attraction: "I'm looking for a serious relationship. "Casual dating - nothing happens, except some vague and faint hope for freebie sex Nothing serious - abandoned all hope, even for casual sex with fat women.----------------------For a man being with a woman is always a serious affair of business, never slight or superficial, although it does not have to be sincere. I did have "wants a relationship" but have found that even after only a second simple friendly dates women have become over zealous and already had ideas we were in some sort of committed relationship.

Some women are like this, too, nothing sexists about it exists, except programming of values by society's preconditioned systems. Wow, swooosh, my head is spinning like the propeller in "80,000 leagues under the sea". This is generally speaking and has happened on more than one occasion to me, Let me say #1 I don't kiss on the first date and sometimes won't by the second either, I am there to find out if there is connection not what their gum tastes like.

So if seriousness is missing, the man is resigned to go on dates because there is no game on the tube and it's better and more fun to go on pointless dates, than, say, committing suicide or praying a mantra incessantly. Again, social conditioning, if you ask me.----------------------------------------------------------------Edit: From the one previous poster:"My SO hypothesizes that women put their long-term goal, and men put their short-term goal. So I am very careful that I am upfront and don't lead women on.

So women, who well know that relationships start with casual dating, will often put Long Term Relationship. I should have liked to see a woman with your userid, though. I absolutely would love to find a person that I could have a long term relationship but I don't go into a first or second or even third date expecting that its going that route, it's way too early to tell. If you're seeking a long-term relation, it's best to avoid such profiles. If you hit them upside the head with what they are looking for, they will start thinking serious and start taking about relocating/deleting profiles soon enough blah blah blah.

If I want a relationship should I even bother messaging or responding to guys who have either of those intentions? both of those could mean they just wanna date alot, or that they just wanna date and see what happens, or they could be players.

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Unless you get REALLY picky about word meanings, in which case "Casual" means that you never wear formal clothes or suits, and "Nothing Serious" means you are ONLY up for going to comedy clubs, and circuses. As has been hinted above, though, and as I have seen and experienced myself in life, what we all SAY about what we want; what we tell ourselves what we want; what we actually end up going for; and what we end up accepting, are often entirely unrelated to one another (save that we are the one at the center of all the confused babble about it all).

Just as looking for a relationship is sometimes faux when all they want is casual.

I believe that depends on how quickly you think you can get from zero to 60 and/or what you think your chances are of wowing him into changing his mind.

My SO hypothesizes that women put their long-term goal, and men put their short-term goal.

So women, who well know that relationships start with casual dating, will often put Long Term Relationship.

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