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Intersexed individuals (formerly described as "hermaphrodites" from the Greek god Hermaphroditus who possessed both male and female physical traits) are those who are neither exclusively male nor exclusively female.They may have biological characteristics that are both male and female, expressing physical traits (phenotype) of one sex but possessing the sex chromosomes (genotype) of the other.Our watch division holds over 20 brand name licenses and is one of the largest private label watch suppliers.Disclaimer: We have a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.What then does the Bible say about the sexual relationships of intersexed people? This leaves the few Christians who even consider the question with a dilemma.

The Nes Group is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers designing and distributing internationally, watches and jewelry in the Fine, Bridge, and Fashion markets.

Variations in physical expression occur, and it is possible that someone who appears physically "normal" is, in fact, intersexed due to their genetic makeup.

The birth rate of all of these "hermaphrodites" is generally 1%, and while this sounds low, remember this is one out of every 100 births.

What does it mean to "Be a good Christian hermaphrodite"?

How can we possibly know without consulting the Bible? The Bible spends quite a bit of time talking about and legislating sex, and for many millions of people it is the single unquestionable source of perfect moral teachings.

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