How to cope with interracial dating

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In a recent poll, one quarter of divorced couples report that in-laws are “somewhat�

responsible for their marriages ending, and the mothers-in-law get most of the blame.

You may be hesitant to give it a try, but don't let your fears hold you back.

Read these tips for creating your best dating profile and how to stay safe in cyber space.

Are stereotypes an active part in how you view other races?

Take these tests to recognize whether racism, prejudice and ignorance play a part in your life.

Civil and family attorney Areva Martin and the National Network to End Domestic Violence recommend the following tips for improving your chances of gaining custody after leaving an abusive relationship.

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Is your circle of friends, family and coworkers as diverse as you think?

Here are some warning signs that con artists typically use when trying to lure in their next victim.

If you want to know ahead of time if you’ll have in-law issues, read Dr. Millions of people are logging on to dating web sites each year and finding the love of their life.

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