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More » Host: Art Bell - Somewhere In Time Guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed technology journalist Bryan Lunduke, who revealed connections between CIA, NSA and Pokémon Go. More » Host: Jimmy Church Author, near death experiencer, and hospice volunteer, Dannion Brinkley, is chairman of the Twilight Brigade, his nonprofit service for veterans consists of several thousand volunteers nationwide.

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Open Lines were featured in the latter half, with a number of callers sharing their dreams, which had visits from...

More » Host: George Noory Coast to Coast AM expanded to five full hours of coverage, as the US 2016 election results continued to pour in, and Donald Trump's presidential victory became a reality.

In the first hour, John Curtis, and Howard Bloom shared their commentary and analysis. More » Host: George Noory Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his incredible journey searching for evidence of the afterlife via various means including hypnotherapy and past life regressions.

Open Lines were featured in the first half, with many callers...

More » Host: George Noory In the first half, researcher Joshua Black talked about his study of grief dreams.

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