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While the first game had a very promising start, tiny storm clouds started to gather when Chris got his claws on the Little Big Planet beta, and started posting videos that showed his enthusiastic approval of the game and his amazing custom levels.

Chris, being an enthusiastic fan of the game, fancies himself an LBP spokesmanchild, while failing to realize that neither his reputation nor his promotional activities actually help convince people that LBP is worth playing.

He has had problems saving his profile, because he has collected so much stuff - and there is a certain limit on how many level-creation widgets the player character can carry or stuff into a level at any given time.

In response, he created "collector's cases" to help him store all his crap.

The game's main character, "Sackboy", has appeared in several ill-placed adverts throughout his comics (most prominently in the preview for Sonichu #10, which was released before the blackout).Little Big Planet (also known as Little Pig Blanket and Little Fuck Planet) is a critically-acclaimed platformer franchise, released exclusively for Sony's PS3, PS4, PSP, and PS Vita.It is basically a nice, cheerful, soft-to-touch, vibrant-colored side-scrolling action series which allows players to craft custom levels.This was not enough to get him banned, however, and the levels are back in the servers.Several videos that Chris posted were addressed to the LBP community at large.

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