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Odds are, sometimes you wish you could check in on what’s happening around your home from your phone.

Problem is, unless you regularly take a dip in your Scrooge Mc Duck money pool, decent remote-viewable camera technology is still an unaffordable luxury for most.

Another tap sends you back to normal camera viewing mode.

Presence doesn’t have any official way to share a camera stream with a friend, but you could always give someone your login and password in a pinch.

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The video responsiveness and quality is nearly identical.

While similar on the surface, the underpinnings of the two apps are very different.

We’ll shed some light on why this matters so you can decide which is right for you.

Both Airbeam and Presence share a common set of basic features.

Each allows you to turn an old i Phone, i Pad, or even a camera-equipped i Pod Touch into a small surveillance camera, with audio and robust motion detection capabilities.

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