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The experience distanced him from his parents and he learned to hide his emotions. Brought up the son of a wealthy industrialist, he was sent off to boarding school at a young age.This is a selection of my video correspondent skills and work that highlights my experience working as a multimedia reporter: That has involved Video producing, Video shooting (using Canon 5D, Canon T4i DSLR, Canon C100/C300, and Panasonic P2 videocameras), and Video editing with Avid, Final Cut 7 and Final Cut X.Quick edit of Intellect Motion Game Cube trial CES 2013.Her collectors' figure was originally slated to be the first in the series to be released, however it was delayed due to redesigns.Mc Dougal collaborated with fantasy sculptor Bill Toma in creating a limited edition bronze statuette titled Warrior Princess in 2003.Mc Dougal posed for Toma in the creative process and the pedestal of each statuette bears her signature.In early 2004, Mc Dougal appeared in a photo spread in the Italian edition of Vogue with fellow Playmates, Pamela Anderson, Audra Lynn and Tishara Cousino.

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The spread contained her first published nudes since her contract with Playboy expired years earlier.

Lauren on her own is unable to break through his armor, and it won’t be until Steve joins them that Max will let down his defenses and open up his heart.

Once Max overcomes his inner conflict, however, external factors come into play and he will have to travel an emotional journey to reach his HEA.

According to her interview in her Playmate of the Year "Video Centerfold" which was released soon after her PMOY issue debuted, she believes her physical imperfections are her "funny" smile, her crooked pinkies which she inherited from her grandfather and her "ugly feet" which she wishes others would not look at.

Many regard her as a favorite Playmate because of her combination of beauty, "Girl next door" appeal and curvaceous figure, according to a November 2001 Playboy poll in the special edition Sexiest Playmates.

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