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Your Sagittarius will enjoy any kind of one on one sport, so if you're good at tennis, swimming, roller-skating or similar then that's your best approach.Whatever activity you choose, don't be surprised if they're pretty good at it!Posts with the most recent activity are listed first. There is an option to be notified when people respond to your comment.Pisces needs to know how not to drive Sagittarius away.Expect some lively, interesting gatherings, whether planned or impromptu.Actually, you love the spontaneous get-togethers best, since they heighten the mood and give you a sense of adventure.Find the 'weirdest' restaurant you can, Himalayan, Vietnamese etc.

This general information therefore isn't nearly as specific or accurate as a real astrology reading.

By the time you're ready they will be too, no special tricks or nefarious plans needed.

The above is written for the "typical Sagittarius".

They aren't cheaters, but they place a very high value on their independence.

This is a sign you want to keep things light with initially.

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