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The camera didn't operate as smoothly as I'd like, but aside from that, I was completely impressed with how well the i Smart Alarm system performed.Best of all, there are no contracts or subscription fees to deal with, making it one of the most affordable options in legitimate home security currently available.Just plug the camera into your computer via USB, introduce it to your wireless network, then download the free Dropcam app to your Android or i OS device.You'll be able to monitor your Dropcam feed in real-time for free, or pay .95 per month for a DVR-esque cloud recording service. At 9 per camera in the US or £179.90 in the UK (pricing in Australia is unavailable at this time), the Dropcam Pro isn't a cheap home monitoring option, but it features some of the best video quality of any consumer-grade camera available today. As home security systems go, there are systems with a wide variety of sensors and peripheral devices to choose from, and deep systems that focus more on performance and user experience.Iris, a system that comes with the full backing of retail giant Lowe's, makes a valiant attempt at doing both -- and when it comes to flexibility, it's one of the best we've seen, with uses that surpass home security and extend into things like energy management, elder care, and basic convenience.Still, we weren't totally sold on the system's depth.

Systems weren't flexible, false alarms were frequent, and if you were a lowly renter, you were out of luck -- despite the fact that rental units get burglarized more often than any other kind of property.One of the first breakout smart security systems was i Smart Alarm, which we first saw at CES 2013.i Smart Alarm is a budget-friendly security alternative for DIY-minded homeowners.Pricing converts to about £120, or AU5.) There's also an optional camera that you can add to your system for 9 more.Once you do, you'll be able to view and control it from your smartphone, or program it to automatically snap pictures during a break-in.

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