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In 1984, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) appointed a task group of Committee 2 to review and revise, as necessary, the ICRP Dosimetric Model for the Respiratory System. The task group concluded that research during the past 20 y suggested certain deficiencies in the ICRP Dosimetric Model for the Respiratory System.

The model was originally published in 1966, modified slightly in Publication No. Research has also provided sufficient information for a revision of the model.

This should facilitate application of the revised human respiratory tract model to worldwide radiation protection needs.

(C)1989Health Physics Society ABSTRACT: Computational predictions of aerosol transport and deposition in the human respiratory tract can assist in evaluating detrimental or therapeutic health effects when inhaling toxic particles or administering drugs.

The key evidence gaps to be filled by research include: investigation of possible associations between in vitro and early-stage in vivo events that may be predictive of lung cancer or mesothelioma, and systematic analysis of dose-response relationships across materials, including evaluation of the influence of physico-chemical properties and experimental factors on the observation of nonmalignant and malignant endpoints.

ABSTRACT: Through the separation of rare earths elements REEs from monazite mineral, radiation exposures occur.

As a practical WLAM application, the transport and deposition of asthma drugs from a commercial dry-powder inhaler is discussed in Part II.

ABSTRACT: In an evaluation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) for the IARC Monograph 111, the Mechanisms Subgroup was tasked with assessing the strength of evidence on the potential carcinogenicity of CNTs in humans.

The models may be implemented as a package of computer codes available to a wide range of users.Specifically, different inhalation/exhalation scenarios (rest, exercise, etc.) were implemented by controlling the wall/mesh displacements to simulate realistic breathing cycles in the WLAM.Total and regional particle deposition results agree with experimental lung deposition results.The task group's approach has been to review, in depth, morphology and physiology of the respiratory tract; deposition of inhaled particles in the respiratory tract; clearance of deposited materials; and the nature and specific sites of damage to the respiratory tract caused by inhaled radioactive substances.This review has led to a redefinition of the regions of the respiratory tract for dosimetric purposes.

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