Validating team fortress 2

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Although you can run the server, some configuration should be done so that the server isn't too generic.

The main file that we put settings in is the You can leave the server console by typing CTRL B then releasing those keys and then pressing D.

Chris' FPS Configs for TF2 - Different configuration files to automatically set all settings to their absolute lowest or highest.

Console commands can change the FOV to values below & above the slider's range.

It is possible to increase the FOV limit up to 130 using server-side plugins such as this one.

There are a couple odd things about it though: You now have Steam CMD installed and ready to download Team Fortress 2 server.

This guide uses a separate user to run the server, so we will create a new tf2 user and group with it's own home folder in Once that finishes downloading, you have the server installed.

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