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He will be more likely to act out, demand attention in any way he can, and will often piss you off just to get the needed attention.

I would say guys who hate being ignored from one specific woman most likely has feelings for her and has sure signs of insecurity.

The hate can build inside and their reactions are quite varied but are often destructive.

Hi peter, There’s this guy i have been chatting to online via a phone app, for the last 6 months or so.

The more approval seeking the guy, the more attention he needs, the more he’ll absolutely hate being ignored while a man on the other end might not care as much or at all. Like when you ignore a guy and give all your attention to another guy the first one might not feel he’s not “as worthy” so you can easily trigger a deep jealousy.

How he acts on it can be quite unpredictable but it’s always a part of why he hates to be ignored.

The more mature man deals with being ignored and can simply see it as you wanting space or just living your life independently.

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Also let’s never rule out how the most “passive aggressive” guy (in a relationship) will actually do what is needed so you will ignore him if that is what he wants to happen.He’s the guy who always finds the perfect parking spot. He’s the guy your friends tell you how much of a jerk he is but he’s never been bad to you.Sure he’s a little cocky but he’s never been cruel, misleading, or given you any reason to not like him.My intuition also tells me he has feelings for me, but then i become doubtful because at times when i try to initiate a conversation leading to expressing how i feel, he kinda doesnt reply for a few days, then when he does, he shows no indication of not being interested in me, like for example i said i would join him on a trip to thailand and he replied 3 days later with ” alright that sounds divine”, i know he got my message and his phone is practically glued to his side and he generally replies to my messages within the hour, so why would he reply 3 days later?Also he flirts about girls and not with them in front of me, for example he showers a girl with kisses and flowers (emoji’s)in front of me, even though the girl isn’t present, but gets moody when a guy shows me a tiny bit of attention.

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